Ethics commission dismisses Jefferson school complaints

Five complaints against the Jefferson School Board over the hiring of the district's new superintendent have been dismissed by the Oregon Government Ethics Commission after determining the board did not violate executive session rules. However, the commission did not examine separate questions regarding open meetings law violations outlined in an investigation by the Statesman Journal earlier this year. Read the full follow... Continue Reading →

Oregonians: Tips to start saving for college

Anyone can start saving for their future and their children's. Anyone. Regardless of a students' age, where they live, or their socio-economic, citizenship or veteran statuses, Oregon agencies have dozens of ways to save money for college or trade school. And they want the process to be as simple as possible. Read more here.

Survivor of Nazi twin experiments brings her story to Salem

At 14, Jona Laks waited with her two sisters to be sorted between forced labor and the gas chambers of Auschwitz. It was 1944 and Laks remembers herself as skinny, pale and underdeveloped. She'd been incarcerated with her family in the Łódź ghetto of Poland. It'd been two years since her parents had been taken to a Nazi extermination camp.... Continue Reading →

Reform coming to Chemawa Indian School in Salem

After almost two years of stonewalling by Chemawa Indian School officials and the U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Reps. Kurt Schrader and Suzanne Bonamici say reform appears to be coming after visiting the Salem school this past week. The Oregon Democrats were "pleasantly surprised" by apparent progress and expect more clarity about conflicting federal agencies' roles, removal of a gag order on school staff and a better system... Continue Reading →

Students demand action from school board: How will you protect us?

A group of students and graduates want the Salem-Keizer School Board to do more to protect and help immigrant students in Salem-Keizer Public Schools. "You guys get mad when we decide to march, to sit-in, to speak up for ourselves and others, but when we die, you guys become silent," one graduate told the board. "And when approached about... Continue Reading →

Students pursue graduation through credit recovery programs

Nearly 1,500 high school students across Salem-Keizer Public Schools are back in class this summer. They're putting in extra hours four or five days a week to earn credits needed to graduate, repair past grades or improve their chances of getting into college. The district's black and Pacific Islander students perhaps stand to gain the most from these "credit recovery" programs since... Continue Reading →

Students challenge Salem-Keizer’s ‘archaic’ and ‘sexist’ dress code, district to revamp

A group of students and parents are calling on Salem-Keizer Public Schools to update what they describe as an "archaic" and "sexist" dress code policy. The controversy isn't unique to Salem-Keizer schools — or the state of Oregon. But district officials say they've been working on updating the dress code for a while and may release a revised code as early... Continue Reading →

Student deaths, lack of accountability at Chemawa bring heat from Congress

Teachers and parents of children who died in the care of Chemawa Indian School, or shortly after being removed from the facility, are demanding that Congress hold the Salem boarding school accountable. For over a year and a half, Oregon U.S. Reps. Kurt Schrader and Suzanne Bonamici have been pressing for answers from the Department of Interior on issues raised by an Oregon Public Broadcasting investigative... Continue Reading →

Music Lessons Project brings private lessons to Salem’s lower-income schools

For years, Salem-Keizer Public Schools has been known for producing state champion bands, orchestras, choirs and soloists. But private lessons often are the final push to take students from in-school programs to winning state titles and securing spots in college. And because students' families pay for the lessons, an equity gap exists between students whose families have the money and those who... Continue Reading →

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