Activists call for school district divestment from police partnerships

Activists with Latinos Unidos Siempre — along with about two dozen other organizations and more than 300 individuals — are calling on Salem-Keizer Public Schools to stop paying for police in schools and redirect that money toward other initiatives.

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Salem protesters call for trial, accountability following George Floyd’s murder

Salem-area residents have turned out by the thousands to protest police brutality in the wake of the killing of George Floyd.

They marched down Lancaster Drive, laid face down and knelt in silence on the steps of the Oregon Capitol, holding signs demanding police reform.

They’ve added their voices to thousands of Americans — in Portland, Eugene and in cities and towns across the country — protesting police brutality against black people.

Protesters and organizers interviewed by the Statesman Journal … said they want to hold police accountable for misconduct and call attention to racism and discrimination in policing.

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ICYMI: Salem Sikh volunteers make meals for hospital workers during COVID-19

For weeks, a team of about six volunteers from Salem’s local gurdwara, the Sikh house of worship, prepared and delivered more than 1,000 meals for health care workers as a thank you and sign of solidarity. 

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Anti-abortion student group files federal lawsuit against Chemeketa Community College

Chemeketa Students for Life, represented by Alliance Defending Freedom, filed a federal lawsuit this week against members of the Chemeketa Board of Education and other school officials, challenging the college’s policies that restrict outdoor speech.

Student groups are limited to two quad areas on Salem’s campus, known for increased foot traffic, and are required to secure permission in advance to speak in those areas. There is an additional indoor area permitted.

The plaintiffs claim these policies have prevented their club members from engaging in “spontaneous expression” and promoting their events. 

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(Why do journalists use “anti-abortion” instead of “pro-choice” and “pro-abortion rights” instead of “pro-choice”? Learn here.)

Salem cautions Glamour Salon for reopening against COVID-19 order, cites lease violation

City of Salem officials sent a letter to Lindsey Graham, owner of Glamour Salon downtown, warning she’s in violation of her building lease agreement by reopening against Gov. Kate Brown’s COVID-19 executive orders.

The salon, located at 195 Liberty St. SE, reopened for business Tuesday morning. About 40 protesters showed up to voice their support for Graham, with some returning Wednesday.

Graham, as well as the independently contracted stylists who work there and their patrons, could face significant fines from the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division, or OSHA. But Graham argues it’s her “right to provide for her family.”

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Oregon State Board of Ed votes to continue Eagle Charter School with conditions

April 16 – EAGLE Charter School in Salem will continue to operate for at least the next two years following a passing vote by the Oregon State Board of Education on Thursday.

The decision — which allows Eagle Charter to continue operating for the duration of its contract ending in June 2022 — comes with a contingency: a third-party evaluation must be conducted prior to the school’s next contract review.

The motion passed with a 6-1 vote, with at-large member Guadalupe Martinez Zapata voting against.

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Salem Sikh volunteers make more than 1,000 meals for hospital workers during COVID-19

For the past few weeks, a team of about six volunteers from Salem’s local gurdwara, the Sikh house of worship, have prepared and delivered more than 1,000 meals for health care workers as a thank you and sign of solidarity. 

The small team from Salem’s temple, Gurdwara Dasmesh Darbar, has been preparing homemade, vegetarian meals for front-line healthcare workers at Salem Hospital and plans to continue their efforts as long as they’re able and needed.

“(We) just want to put a smile on their face, (for them to) know they aren’t alone and let them know we will all get through this together,” said volunteer Pawan Kaur.

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Inspired by ‘Freedom Writers’, frequently disciplined teens write, publish book on trauma

For 13 Houck middle schoolers, going to the reflection room is a common occurrence. But with the help of the room’s supervisor, these teens learned to channel their emotions through writing.

In March, the group released “The Voice in Us,” a collection of poetry and short stories written by the students about their own lives. Due to the nature of the stories — including details of abuse, drug addiction and gang activity — each piece is anonymous.

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Italian exchange student sent home to COVID-19 outbreak

March 26 – Desy Budau’s host mo, Loriann Schmidt, was told Thursday Budau will be on flight Friday morning.

“Italian officials are fearful that the border will close for a long time, maybe until December,” Schmidt said, adding that she’s thankful they were at least able to get her a direct flight to Rome.

“But I’m really scared for her life there.”

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