Journalist. Writer. Community Member.

Natalie Pate is the education reporter for the Statesman Journal newspaper in Salem, Ore. She is also a children’s book author, dance teacher and choreographer, dog mom, hiker, traveler, volunteer and more.




Natalie has been a professional journalist for the Statesman Journal since June, 2015. Her website includes some of her news articles, as well as photography, personal essays and more.

Visitors can also learn about Natalie’s bilingual children’s book for charity, check out the Salem Storytellers Project or read an FAQ about Natalie’s journalistic coverage and ethics. 

Process & Ethics

Many do not interact with members of the news media on a regular basis. As a result, Natalie is asked frequently to speak on the process of reporting, writing and publishing news stories, as well as the ethics behind her work.

Story moments


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