Oregon charter school movement ranks “weakest” in nation


Oregon charter school movement ranks “weakest” in nation

9:11 p.m. PST March 8, 2016

Oregon’s charter school growth is the weakest among 18 states ranked by a group promoting their use.

The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools released its report,  “The Health of the Charter Public School Movement: A State-by-State Analysis,” which measures growth, in the charter school movement, innovation and quality.

Monday the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools released the latest report evaluating the “health of the charter public school movement” in key states across the country. Oregon placed 18th in the rankings, out of 18 states.

The report ranks Washington, D.C., in the No. 1 spot, followed by Indiana, Michigan, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Florida, Arizona, Rhode Island, Colorado and Missouri. At the bottom of the list are Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Utah and Oregon.

States with higher rankings have a large percentage of students in charter schools, strong rates of new schools opening and serve a significant amount of historically under-served students.

Oregon placed at the bottom for several reasons,ns including:

  • A relatively low percentage of Oregon’s public school students are charter school students.
  • In Oregon, charter public schools serve a lower percentage of racial and ethnic minority students and free and reduced-price lunch students than traditional public schools.
  • Oregon’s charter public school students exhibited lower academic growth, on average, when compared with traditional public school students.

For more information, go to www.publiccharters.org.

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Published by Natalie Pate

Natalie Pate is a freelance journalist and author based in Salem, Oregon. She wrote about education for more than seven years at the Statesman Journal and now covers education and other topics throughout the Pacific Northwest. She is originally from Colorado and earned her B.A. in Politics and French from Willamette University.

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