Our exclusive interview with Santa Claus


Our exclusive interview with Santa Claus

7:15 p.m. PST December 19, 2015

As the Christmas holiday nears, we had a few questions to ask the big man in the red suit.

We were able to catch Santa Claus just in time during his visit to the Willamette Heritage Center’s Magic at the Mill opening on Saturday.

Though many were fighting for his attention, he gave us a few minutes to talk about his excitement for the holiday.

Having come back recently from a vacation to the Caribbean, Santa was sporting a unique hairstyle, with dreadlocks decorated with Christmas beads, but was ready to get to work.

Here are his responses to some very important questions.

Q: How are you feeling about the big day? Are you ready?

A: I’m excited, I’m always excited. It’s my favorite day of the year.

Q: What’s the most popular toy request this year? 

A: Probably the new hoverboard. Lots of elves are working on that. Hopefully, they are working on all those electrical problems that have been plaguing them all over the world.

Q: Have there been any issues with the sleigh? How are the reindeer? Do you have a favorite? 

A: No, the sleigh is in great shape. We’ve been working on it for weeks. Unlike the sleigh in “Elf,” I do not have a jet engine on the bottom of my sleigh, just reindeer. The reindeer are great, all healthy, all good, all excited too. My favorite is Rudolf, of course. Although, he is not the fastest.

Q: How do you get around the world so quickly? How do you fly?

A: It’s magic and like most magicians, I do not disclose the tricks.

Q: What is your favorite Christmas cookie?

A: My favorite Christmas cookie is a cookie Mrs. Claus makes me. It is an oatmeal, chocolate chip cookie with pecans. It’s very good, although I will eat any cookie someone leaves.

Q: What’s your favorite Christmas movie? 

A: “Elf.” I love that movie! I’ve watched it twice already this month.

Q: Have you seen the new “Star Wars” movie?

A: No, it’s only been out two days. I’ve been really busy! I was thinking maybe someone would offer a special Santa screening so me and the elves could see it at the North Pole. I’m a big “Star Wars” fan; I have been since the very first movie.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about Christmas?

A: Being Santa. And I mean that.

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